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Jul 03

Welcome to The Ragged Edge

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Welcome to The Ragged Edge. I've been trying to re-design my website ( for quite some time, but lacking in motivation to properly properly go learn CSS to get rid of all the table based formatting and any decent artistic skill to make it look good I've pretty much failed. I've been looking at Joomla for a while, and finally decided to give it a go, and I have a couple more domains I get for free, so I figured I'd try it on on a new one.

With Tera finally making a go of the jewelry thing and putting up I've been thinking about making money on the web a fair bit. I decided to put Google AdSense adds on the page just to see if I can make any money at all monetizing content. Of course that requires content, and looking at my previous Blog, I'm scheduled to run out of steam any day now. I doubt I'll end up making enough to pay for hosting the site (not that I've even tried in the years I've paid to have it hosted), and I'll actually even be impressed if I make it past cents into dollars.

Of course the whole ad thing seems like a bit of a sellout, as I generally dislike ads. In fact it took me quite some time to figure out why I couldn't get them to work. As it turns out I'd forgotten I was running the Ad Block Plus Add-on in Firefox which was filtering them out. I dislike ads, like Google, and am now putting Google adds on my site, go figure. Money makes the world go round, and ads end up funding most of the Internet sites. People have to make a living somehow, and it's given us the Internet as we know it, so a good thing in moderation I guess.